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Folsom Tree Service is a full-service tree care company in Folsom, California. For residential and commercial projects, we have a highly knowledgeable team with years of experience and the proper training.

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We have more than a decade of experience in removing large and dense trees. We remove trees from commercial properties for infrastructure development and from residential properties if necessary. As part of our environmental commitment, we also plant new trees and invest in them. All of our employees are insured with local worker’s compensation. There is no problem for our local tree removal company to handle large or small tree removal projects.

Despite their high skill level, our arborists can climb high trees with ease and trim down branches fearlessly. We provide each of our workers with appropriate safety gear, such as harnesses, gloves, boots, and the proper tools they need to do their jobs. All our workers are trained to remove trees at a commercial level. Our workers operate chainsaws efficiently. We are the tree care company you can trust when it comes to tree care.

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There are several reasons why trees need to be cut down. When a tree is dead and empty from the inside, it does not hold on to the ground as much as one that is alive. A dead tree is obviously a safety hazard. Such trees must be removed safely without causing damage to property around and without harming anyone. Trees may also need trimming simply for aesthetic reasons. Tree trimming may not be unhealthy, in fact, it may improve the tree’s growth and prevent the tree from breaking during a storm.

Our company is a complete tree care company, so we provide more than just tree removal; we also do stump removal and debris removal. We will remove all the parts of the trees so that the land is clean and workable for you. Besides removing the stump, we will make the land flat so you can use it for whatever purpose you need.

Using cranes and trucks, we can haul the parts of the tree that have been cut away from the property. When cranes are involved, tree removal can become safer since we will be preventing the tree from being felled on the ground. We will tie the tree trunk to the meats, so it will stay in the air, and we won’t have to worry about it falling and damaging our property.

These are particularly useful in buildings where a lot of breakable items are present. We will grind off the stump with industrial tree grinders once we remove the tree. By using tree grinding machines, you don’t have to dig holes to remove the stump.

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