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Taking care of your trees is an important aspect of property upkeep. If you need help with tree work, contact us today at Folsom Tree Service. We have the expertise, experience, and tools to manage a wide range of tree-related jobs and services.
If you live in or around Auburn, CA, we can assist you with our  tree cutting, tree removal, stump removal or emergency tree services, our Auburn tree services are the one stop solution for your tree trimming and removal needs. Please contact us for a free quote or if you have any questions or concerns about our Auburn tree services. Trees are our passion and area of expertise. our team of expert workers strive to complete  all tasks on time and have customer satisfaction in mind.
Our skilled arborists and tree experts will deliver trustworthy, cost-effective, and exceptional service.


#1 Tree Service Provider in Auburn, CA

Folsom Tree Service is your premiere tree service company in Auburn, California. We provide a variety of tree services including: Tree Cutting, Trimming & Pruning, Tree Removal, Stump Removal and Emergency Tree Services. We strive to provide dependable and timely solutions for all of our Auburn Tree Services. We have qualified arborists and tree care professionals on staff who are always up to date on the newest tree care procedures so that we can give the best care for your trees while also improving their health and attractiveness of your property. We develop thorough plans and timetables, and we work hard to complete all needed tree care services within the time frames indicated.

We know how important it is to have the correct tools, which is why we only use the best ones for tree removal, tree pruning, stump grinding, and other related services.

By providing dependable tree care solutions, we can help you preserve your property while also maintaining the health of your trees. To protect the safety of individuals working and living on and around the site, we adopt safe methods and employ cutting-edge technology.

Our Services

At Folsom Tree Service we provide a wide variety of professional and affordable
tree services in Auburn, CA.

Tree Removal Company In Auburn CA

Tree Removal

We love trees, but in some circumstances, they must be removed for the protection of you and your property. Folsom Tree Service provides professional and thorough Auburn tree removal services while adhering to all rules, regulations, and laws. We employ the proper tree removal equipment to do the job efficiently, reliably, and safely. Our experts will carefully clean up the area, leaving it neat and tidy.

Auburn CA Tree Removal

Tree Service

Folsom Tree Service can handle any tree removal or tree trimming job, whether it’s for a building project or to beautify your property. From removing diseased branches to tree stump removal to contouring ancient growth of giant trees, our workers have vast training, abilities, and equipment to handle any type of Auburn tree service. We can even plant trees to replace the ones that have been cut down.

Tree Service Company In Auburn CA

Tree Cutting

We provide comprehensive Auburn tree cutting services for residential, commercial, and municipal clients. Our licensed arborist and a team of tree care experts are ready to help Auburn residents conserve, protect, and beautify their trees. We use the safest equipment and work techniques in the business to provide safe and dependable tree services. You can entrust your property to our experts.

Stump Removal Service In Auburn CA

Stump Removal

The tree removal isn’t truly complete until the stump is removed as well. As a result, we also offer stump removal in Auburn, CA. We use a variety of procedures, with grinding being the most effective. Our skilled professionals’ ability and expertise provide a lot of benefits to homeowners who need or wish to remove one or more stumps from their property. Our Roseville stump removal service can be a great help.

Tree Removal Company In Auburn CA

Emergency Tree Service

Severe weather can cause your trees and property to be damaged. In such situations, quick action is frequently required to guarantee that the environment is safe and that the property is not further damaged. You can count on us in an emergency. We offer quick and dependable Auburn tree emergency services.

Tree Service Company In Auburn

Tree Pruning

We are dedicated to offering efficient tree care services, including tree trimming in Auburn, CA, at Folsom Trees Services. You can make an appointment with our professionals by contacting them. We provide the necessary tree pruning services in a safe and acceptable manner, while also safeguarding the health and integrity of your trees. To maintain the health of the trees, we use the most effective methods in our Auburn Tree Pruning service.

How Our Service Works

Contact us through email or our website, you can also call us. And our professional team will get back to you immediately. You can discuss your tree problem with them.

Then we will send a team of our professional tree experts to your place in Auburn, CA. A trained arborist can assist you in recognizing the indicators of an unhealthy tree and provide best-practice tree care. They will assist you in determining the services your tree requires.

We will create a budget estimate for you. It will include each and everything, you’ll not need to pay anything extra at the end of service. There will be no surprise addition to the budget.

We will provide the best tree services in no time. Whether you need tree pruning, removal or other services, everything will be done with utmost perfection.

Why Choose Us?

Choose us for all your tree services in Auburn, CA if you want to enjoy the following benefits;

Safe service

At Folsom Tree Service, we priorities safety. We've established a safety culture in our organization, and it's critical that we put safety first in all we do. Our personnel are certified and ensure that the best and safest tree services are provided.

On-time Service

Our staff will provide you with only on-time and on-budget services. We make sure you get back to your regular schedule as soon as possible. We provide quick tree services without sacrificing the quality of our work.

Competitive Rates

Because there are so many "moving parts," tree work can be costly. The list goes on and on: heavy equipment, growing fuel expenses, payroll, insurance, and so on. Our overheads are kept low, allowing us to maintain our charges competitive and reasonable. But at Folsom Tree Service we make every effort to keep our prices low and reasonable.


Tree removal costs vary depending on the size of the tree, with larger trees costing more to remove than smaller ones. We make every effort to keep our prices as low as possible.

Getting your tree services done by an inexperienced and chopping down a tree yourself can be dangerous to your property’s safety. It has the potential to kill and ruin your property, as well as the property of your neighbors, as well as injure others.

A tree can be trained to develop into a specific configuration of limbs and branches that is better for the tree’s structural integrity with correct trimming. Broken limbs and fallen branches can be avoided by maintaining the tree’s structure.

Missing limbs, several fissures in the trunk, and fungus on the roots are all symptoms that your tree is about to fall. If you see any of these signs, please let us know.

Cutting down tiny trees and clearing the debris could take only a few hours. Depending on the complexity of the tree, large trees could take up to 8 hours to complete.