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Providing professional tree service in Folsom, California
Folsom Tree Service is one of the oldest and most reputable tree care companies in Folsom, California.

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Best Tree Services In Sacramento, CA

We offer a wide range of tree services for both commercial and residential properties. Our team has trimmed and removed large and small trees depending on the customer’s requirements. Our company is the first when it comes to providing quality tree care services.

Providing full-service tree care in Folsom, CA. Whether you need tree trimming, tree removal, stump removal, or lot clearing, our team covers it all. The company that provides all tree-related services is Folsom Tree Service . We are always quick to respond to your tree service needs regardless of the type. Our team of trained and certified arborists are familiar with all types of trees, including exotic species. You can trust us entirely when it comes to tree removal, tree trimming and any other tree-related services.

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Our Services

Tree Trimming- A healthy tree can benefit greatly from tree trimming if you want to keep infestations away. Folsom Tree Service has the necessary equipment and knowledge to safely trim all kinds of trees. To keep trees healthy, we have arborists who know how to trim them.

Pruning – If you would like to remove hazardous or intrusive branches, call us. If there are trees that have been damaged during a storm or if there are trees that are getting in windows, power lines or have died and might become a potential danger to anyone under them, the best thing to do is prune them.

Tree Removal- Folsom Tree Service offers residential and commercial customers safe and effective tree removal services. Get in touch with us if you need trees removed from a commercial property with multiple trees. For large-scale tree removals, our company has the necessary equipment and machinery.

Tree stump removal- Tree stumps are ugly and unusable after they have been removed. Our industrial grinders are able to easily remove such stumps. This makes the ground level and allows other things to grow.

Land and Lot Clearing – Need help clearing your land? Please let us know if anything on your land needs to be removed, including trees, shrubs, brush, rotted trees, dumps, garbage, or anything else. To clear the land of debris and vegetation, we use skid steers, cranes, truckers, haulers, and other machines.

Storm Services – Storms can be destructive and the mess they leave behind is even more bothersome. A fallen tree blocking traffic, your yard, your gate, a tree that is fallen on power lines, a tree that is half broken and needs to be pruned or removed immediately.

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