Outdoor Fountains Cincinnati

Outdoor Fountains Cincinnati

Fountains are projectors that shoot water upwards in elaborate and artistic patterns. An outdoor fountain is usually installed at a strategic point in your home. For instance, the fountain may be placed where it can be heard and seen from outdoors and indoors.

Allison Landscaping & Water Gardens has been installing some of the best water spouts in Cincinnati since 1963 when our company was first established.

Our products are expertly crafted by seasoned artists to ensure they reflect your style and creative preferences. Moreover, the soothing splashing waters from the fountain will calm you down even when you’ve had a really long day.

 What Are Some of the Best Designs for Outdoor Fountains?

One of the popular ideas is turning the fountain waters ocean blue. That can be done by adding a special stain or dye. To achieve the color consistency you want, start by adding the dye at half the recommended ratio used for ponds. Then gradually increase the amount until you reach the stain level you want.

Also, instead of using concrete for constructing the fountain, you can consider other exotic materials such as marble, granite, or sandstone. These materials usually give outdoor fountains in Cincinnati a unique and timeless look.

How Much Water Will A Fountain Require to Operate?

On average, a medium-sized spout can release up to 6.6 gallons of freshwater each hour, but larger fountains are known to dispense around 8 gallons within the same period.

Because the pumps used for powering these structures run 24/7, most fountains operate nonstop throughout the day and night. Although the pumps are powered by electricity, they’re designed to work safely in water since the motor is sealed off from the liquid.

At Allison Landscaping & Water Gardens, we install all sizes and shapes of fountains to suit each individual’s needs. We can also regulate the water supply system so that it only dispenses the correct amount of water you can sustain.

How Do Fountains Work?

Outdoor fountains have their water reservoir. Water is drawn from this reservoir and to which it returns, forming a closed circuit. The water movement is powered by a pump that’s submerged in the reservoir. This pump contains a spinning impellor that draws water in while spinning at a speed that forces the water out of the pump into the fountainhead. The water is then sprayed into the air.

Most fountains are made in such a way that water moves up the structure, before dropping down to the basin below. Also, depending on the design, some fountains release more water than others within a given time-frame. That often results in more spectacular water jets that are fun to watch. The suction entry to the pump is usually below the minimum fountain water level. That prevents the buildup of air, which can otherwise affect the proper functioning of the pump.

Benefits of Having Your Fountain Professionally Installed

When installing a water fountain, it’s best to enlist the services of a qualified and experienced contractor. That will ensure the highest levels of safety, structural integrity, and water dispensing ability, all of which make a good fountain.

A Fountain Contractor at Your Service

For beautiful outdoor fountains in Cincinnati, Allison Landscaping & Water Gardens has got the right solutions for you. Our team of dedicated professionals will meet your needs, no matter how complex your project might be. To transform your outdoor space, call us today on 513-922-1313.

Outdoor Fountains Cincinnati

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Outdoor Fountains Cincinnati

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