Product Destruction Services Los Angeles

Product Destruction Services Los Angeles

Production destruction services in Los Angeles helps you get rid of the pain of fully destroying sensitive data, organics waste, and unwanted merchandise. Sledgehammer Product Destruction takes care of the waste that your everyday companies cannot.

What products require specialized destruction?

Business and industry produce sensitive and toxic waste. We produce nearly 400 million tons of toxic waste every year. Data breaches cost over $100 million each year. That does not mean you cannot still be green or must store your archives indefinitely.

Specialized product destruction specialists handle:

  • Product destruction
  • Certified electronics and data destruction
  • Certified Document destruction
  • Battery, bulb, and ballast removal

Sledgehammer Product Destruction is qualified to deal with a wide range of equipment, hardware, products, and paper. Rest assured with certifications such as the R2 recycling certificate.

How can I get rid of counterfeit or other merchandise?

Counterfeit merchandise discontinued products, and those no longer meeting standards do not need to sit on your shelves. There are specific regulations dealing with the destruction of some of these products, especially when they can cause potential harm.

Sledgehammer Product destruction is a secure product destruction specialist. These products never re-enter the market. We take great pains to erase fake logos, remove harmful chemicals, and erase data.

How do I get rid of my sensitive data?

Sensitive data is a major concern. There were 3800 known breaches in 2019 with issues spanning from ransomware to the loss of millions of records worth many times their number. Complete destruction requires heavy shredding proceeded by using special software for the erasure of bits that remain fragmented from normal deletion.

Sledgehammer deals with every aspect of electronics destruction. Our certified specialists deal with the complete destruction of sensitive hardware such as hard drives and medical devices with built-in memory.

Document shredding in Los Angeles

Despite living in the digital age, we still produce hundreds of tons of paper waste. Many of these documents include contracts, sensitive information, and legally binding paperwork. When your documents are important, they need to be disposed of properly.

We use industrial shredders to completely shred paper and other products. The average box of documents weighs 30 pounds. Let us save you time and anxiety.

How do I dispose of hazardous material?

Lightbulbs, ballast, and products often contain harmful chemicals. These products leach into landfills. Your regular garbage disposal firm does not touch these objects due to their potential for harm.

Our certified techniques let you maintain your green claims even if your products are not. Let us take care of your waste so that it does not sit on your lots.

Product destruction services in Los Angeles

Product destruction services in Los Angeles uses specialized techniques. Product recycling serving Corona CA and the broader area completely erases any trace of damaging compounds. Our certified techniques reliably erase any trace of harmful compounds and sensitive data. Products never re-enter the market.

Let Sledgehammer Product Destruction Services handle your electronic and other industrial and commercial waste. We shred to completion. Call us at 562-210-0075 or receive a free quote online.


Product Destruction Services Los Angeles

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Product Destruction Services Los Angeles

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