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Stump removal is not easy. It can be very irritating to deal with stumps after tree removal. The DIY removal of stumps by home owners or property managers can be extremely dangerous without the appropriate tools and experience.

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Best Stump Removal Services In Folsom, CA

Folsom Tree Service has been providing stump removal and stump grinding services for over ten years. We offer affordable rates to customers all around Folsom. With our experience in stump removal, we make sure we do the job in a safe and effective manner without damaging your property.

There are two main methods of removing stumps. Either the stump is removed from the root or it is ground down to ground level. If stumps disintegrate naturally, it could take years and even decades. Professional stump removal is necessary if you would like to work on flat land or have your lights work without interference.Your home’s aesthetics can also be improved by removing stumps. A professional arborist can easily remove stumps and roots after you decide.

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Why Do Tree Stumps Need To Be Removed?

This is primarily due to the unpleasantness of tree stumps. Stumpy trees do not look good in a nice yard. The value of your home may decrease if you have an ugly stump in your yard. Furthermore, stumps occupy valuable space in the yard for the serious landscape enthusiast, which could be better utilized for new, exciting growth.

Tree roots may not be large enough to destroy the pipes and waste lines from the outside, but in some cases, roots may break into pipes that have already been weakened and cause them to burst. Growing roots can also absorb water from leaky pipes, which further spreads the roots.

In order to prevent root growth, it is vital to remove the roots of the stump from the tree professionally before removing them. It becomes necessary to remove the roots particularly if you wish to preserve foundations or pipelines in the surrounding area. You can allow your kids to play in your yard if you are a homeowner with young children due to the stumps on your property. Running children can run into stumps or tree roots, falling and getting injured.

Work with a qualified specialist who knows how to safely remove stumps. A specialist will be able to remove the stump by either removing it from the ground or grinding it down. Their equipment will make the job easier and they won’t damage the grass around them. Using a stump grinder is the best way to remove your stump. A contractor will grind down your stump with a grinding machine at your house. Folsom Tree Service grinds stumps using non-toxic and environmentally friendly methods. There are many companies that put acids or chemicals to burn the stump, but we don’t. By removing trees, we do not want to pollute the land with harmful chemicals and release carbon dioxide. For this reason, our grinding services are the better choice. An environmentally conscious person would choose professional grinding over chemical or burning methods. Burning wood openly is even against the law in some states.

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We are proud of our method of assessing the stump site and developing a game plan to attack it, but there are concerns with our approach. There are several underground factors that affect soil quality, including irrigation lines, irrigation and sprinkler systems, electrical and gas lines, telephones and data cables, etc. Several times in our business in folsom, we have heard horror stories about unqualified, undertrained “technicians,” ruining your yard while taking out stumps. A truck and chainsaw are often the only tools these people have. With our expert team, we can remove stumps in the proper manner without damaging your property. For a free quote, call us today.


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