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Contractor for tree removal in Folsom, CA
Folsom Tree Service provides tree care services in Folsom, CA. We have more than 10 years of experience in tree removal and tree trimming. All of our experts are certified arborists.

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Best Tree Removal Services In Folsom, CA

Our business has removed enough trees to know how it should be done safely, where to get permits if necessary, and what equipment to use.

Our company removes trees from big businesses and small homes when the tree is dead or posing a threat to the surrounding area. Our company removes all types of trees, such as gum trees, palm trees, maple trees, hickories, etc. Call us if there are trees that were damaged by a storm, are dead or are encroaching on your property.

The team will assess the trees and determine how to safely remove them so it won’t damage the surrounding property.

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Folsom, California’s Best Tree Removal Service

The tree is amazing. There is no doubt that we should save trees, however, there might be a need to remove them due to practical reasons. The roots of trees that cause problems with the foundation, lean towards the roof, or lean towards the power lines causing danger to your property. In some cases, it is necessary to remove trees that are dead, have broken during a storm, or are blocking infrastructure. As part of our tree removal service, we secure your property, remove anything that could get damaged while cutting down trees, and make sure that none of the trees fall on anything other than the ground.

Whenever we have to remove a tree from a confined area with heavy traffic, we take precautions to evacuate and barricade the area to ensure the work is done safely. In Folsom, we have the best arborists who can cut the tree and haul it out of the area with the help of trailers and trucks. As one of Folsom’s most sought after tree care companies, we keep an eye on details and provide professional service. The work we do will be done correctly no matter how complicated it may be. No task is too small for us. We remove single trees for residential and multiple trees for commercial properties.

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Contact our expert at the site if you’re not sure how much the entire service will cost. They will assess the trees that need to be removed and estimate the cost. After listening to the quote there is no obligation for you to order the service nor does it require any changes to the quote. We simply examine the tree or trees and work out an estimate based on their size. In order to begin our work, we will negotiate, determine a schedule and discuss details before we sign a contract.

Folsom Tree Service Is A Fully Insured And Certified Company

You can trust us with your tree removal project if you want a company with years of experience. We’re certified arborists that know their stuff. Our workers have all undergone proper training to remove trees effectively. Using chainsaws, grinders, cranes, etc., they are familiar with high intensity tree removal equipment. Tree climbers can use chainsaws to cut stems from a height before removing the trees from the stumps using ladders and chainsaws. This reduces the amount of land that needs to be felled while also protecting the surrounding environment. A gum tree’s branches are quite spread out and having to thin out the canopy before removing it will be necessary if the tree is to be removed safely.

Why You May Need To Remove Trees?

You may need to remove the tree immediately if the tree is dead, has been damaged by bad weather, is infested with diseases, is encroaching on your property, or spreading diseases. Also, trees that are blocking construction infrastructure may need to be removed for commercial reasons.

Why Choose Us?

All of our employees are licensed, insured, and bonded. We operate on a flexible schedule. Our team is experienced, has all the necessary knowledge, and has all the equipment to carry even the largest jobs with ease. We have workers who provide safe tree removal services to hundreds of residential and commercial properties. We are one of the top tree removal companies in Folsom, CA. You will be able to replace your trees, remove the mess, and use the land.


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